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The Brakeley Briscoe Team

When an organization comes to Brakeley Briscoe, we know it is looking for solutions the organization is not prepared to find on its own. There may be significant opportunities as well as challenges that an organization cannot—or should not—address without an objective, experienced perspective.

Brakeley Briscoe executives and managing directors each bring 25 to 35 years of experience in the field. Other firm members have 10 to 20 years of experience as nonprofit executives, chief development officers, program staff, and consultants working with a wide variety of nonprofits.

  1. George A. Brakeley IIIExecutive Chair
  2. Marianne G. Briscoe, Ph. D., ACFRE President and Managing Director
  3. Alden F. Briscoe, MAT Executive VP and Managing Director
  4. Katherine M. Bella, CFREAssociate Managing Director
  5. Juliana M. Ver Steeg, CFREAssociate Managing Director
  6. Michael J. BrennanSenior Consulting Associate
  7. Peter A. CaputoSenior Consulting Associate
  8. Anne V. ConnerSenior Consulting Associate
  9. Janet S. Curtis, CFRESenior Consulting Associate
  10. Virgil E. EctonSenior Consulting Associate
  11. Robert MarkleySenior Consulting Associate
  12. Thomas R. Poole, CFRESenior Consulting Associate
  13. Susan F. Rice, Ed.D., ACFRESenior Consulting Associate
  14. Thomas E. RyanSenior Consulting Associate
  15. Gordon D. SoenksenSenior Consulting Associate
  16. Scott C. Staub, ACFRESenior Consulting Associate
  17. Linda G. SteckleySenior Consulting Associate
  18. Anne C. StorchSenior Consulting Associate
  19. Karen TopakianSenior Consulting Associate
  20. Stephen Wertheimer, M.A.Senior Consulting Associate
  21. Laird YockSenior Consulting Associate
  22. Anne L. AndersonConsulting Associate
  23. Mecca Billings NelsonConsulting Associate
  24. Cynthia D. BurnettConsulting Associate
  25. Andrea CapozzoliConsuling Associate
  26. Pirie M. GallConsulting Associate
  27. Jonna E. HunterConsulting Associate
  28. Laurent "Lo" de JanvryConsulting Associate
  29. Jon Clarke KeatesConsulting Associate
  30. Donald F. MartinConsulting Associate
  31. Cristina Neira de FonsecaConsulting Associate
  32. Shawn E. O'Hara, CFREConsulting Associate
  33. Virginia Rivera, CFRE, CSPGConsulting Associate
  34. Timothy J. RunionConsulting Associate
  35. Sharon Shepard-Ballen, CFREConsulting Associate
  36. Stuart R. Smith, CFRE, FAHPConsulting Associate
  37. Kimberly Allen SnyderConsulting Associate
  38. Timothy P. Snyder, MPA, CFREConsulting Associate
  39. Jodi Bender SweeneyConsulting Associate
  40. Amy Wolpert, CFREConsulting Associate
  41. Olivia Yates, MPA, Ed.D., CFREConsulting Associate
  42. Virginia AmbrosecchiaController and Human Resources
  43. Sarah AndersonConsulting Assistant
  44. Andrea EdelmanConsulting Assistant
  45. Suzanne Jillo, Esq.Consulting Manager and Legal Counsel
  46. Heléne Karlsson, MBAWealth Screening Manager