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Campaign Planning

Feasibility/Planning Studies

Brakeley Briscoe has conducted hundreds of capital campaign feasibility/planning studies. Our studies provide you a comprehensive plan tailored to your organization's campaign. It takes into account the strengths of your organization, staff, and potential donors. It includes a campaign budget, staffing pattern, goal, objectives, and timelines. This document will provide you a guide to help you through the coming campaign.

In developing your plan, Brakeley Briscoe tests for six campaign success factors in our planning studies:

  • Acceptance of validity of the needs
  • Strength of the case for support
  • Image of the organization
  • Availability of volunteer leadership
  • Giving potential
  • Internal organizational resources for the campaign
  • PLUS the factors of most concern to your organization

Our report will not only list findings in each of these areas, but will also provide a plan with a list of recommended steps for each of these factors.