Brakeley Briscoe

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Campaign Management

Brakeley Briscoe provides strategic counseling and campaign management. In strategic counseling one of our senior staff provides you high-level direction for your campaign. In one to four days per month we meet periodically and are available constantly to keep your top campaign leadership focused on the most important aspects of the campaign, helping you compare how it is progressing against the campaign plan. We can advise your management and volunteer leadership on all aspects of the campaign. With campaign management a Brakeley Briscoe campaign veteran goes onsite from one to five days per week to develop and install the campaign systems and procedures and to assure that staff and volunteers are following the details of the plan to achieve campaign success. In either case we can provide staff and volunteer training and case writing.

Staff and Volunteer training

In a capital campaign there are key roles for both staff and volunteers. Both staff and volunteers may require training to perform these functions at the highest level. Brakeley Briscoe provides just-in-time, just-what-you-need training to assure that your campaign workers are knowledgeable and confident and can perform their roles well to assure a successful campaign.

Case Writing

In a capital campaign you need to communicate to your donors why they should contribute to your campaign at this time. This document needs to appeal to both the head and the heart. Brakeley Briscoe can edit the case document you produce, or, by working with your staff, volunteers, and donors, we can craft a case which will be most persuasive to your donors.