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Campaign Assessments

Campaign Readiness Assessment

Brakeley Briscoe Campaign Readiness Assessment reviews your development program with an eye to its capacity to carry out a capital campaign. We provide you a plan for improving the strength of the program, especially with regard to major gift fund raising.

Sometimes it is best to evaluate and address campaign readiness before you test for campaign feasibility. Unlike the Campaign Feasibility/Planning Study, the Readiness Assessment limits donor prospect contact to a small number of "insiders" and does not broadcast your intention to campaign eventually. Some organizations can benefit from taking campaign readiness steps well in advance of planning the campaign itself. Then, when the planning/feasibility study is undertaken, the prospect base may be more supportive of a campaign.

Campaign preparation takes time. Donors and systems can't change overnight. Preparing and implementing a campaign readiness program can make your campaign run more smoothly and, often, can help it reach goal in a shorter time. The Campaign Readiness Assessment gives you a strategy and a step-by-step plan for campaign preparation.

Mid-Campaign Assessment

Sometimes capital campaigns stall. For whatever reason, pledges aren't coming in, volunteer leadership is tired, staff is discouraged.

Brakeley Briscoe's experienced consultants can help. Brakeley Briscoe assigns a top-level team of campaign experts who have experienced these problems in dozens of campaigns over many years. By talking to staff, board, volunteer leadership, donors, and potential donors, and by analyzing campaign statistics we can quickly diagnose the root causes of the problem and lay out a unique action plan to get your campaign back on track. Then in conjunction with your staff leadership we can help you implement that plan.

Post-Campaign Assessment

Campaigns take time and involve hundreds of volunteers, donors, and staff. In most campaigns you have done many wonderful things which you will want to replicate in the next campaign. But there are probably a few areas where you could have done better. Brakeley Briscoe's post-campaign assessment reviews how you conducted the completed campaign, underlines the key factors which undergirded your success, and marks the areas where different planning or execution might have led to an even more successful outcome. A good post-campaign assessment is essential to planning for the next even more successful campaign.