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Strategic Partners

No firm is an expert in every facet of nonprofit fundraising and development. Over the years, Brakeley Briscoe has created strong and practical partnerships with leading and well established companies. By pooling our resources and broadening our expertise Brakeley Briscoe and its strategic partners can share our values and provide advanced and complete solutions to address our clients' evolving needs.


IphilGroup (International Philanthropy Group) is based in Paris, France. Its team of senior level consultants counsels organizations in France, Switzerland, Belgium and French speaking Africa. IphilGroup is one of the leading consultancies in France, working essentially with universities, hospitals, cultural institutions and international NGOs. It is part of the international Brakeley network of consultancies around the world.

Benefactors Counsel, Laura MacDonald

The mission of Benefactors Counsel, LLC is to support the efforts of people like you, helping you attain success and advance the mission of your institution. They provide counsel in fundraising, philanthropy, and leadership/governance.

Caputo & Associates, LLC

Caputo & Associates is a fundraising consulting company focused on helping nonprofit organizations realize maximum fundraising potential and management performance through results oriented techniques and strategies that utilize both traditional and innovative methodologies.

Centro de Management Social, Fernando Frydman

Founded in 1994 and based in Argentina, CMS provides management and fund raising consulting services for Latin American social organizations. CMS has worked in different Latin American countries with organizations such as UNICEF, Greenpeace, the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, the Nature Conservancy, WSPA, CBM, BOS International, Buenos Aires University, the British Hospital and IDRC, among others. CMS's Director, Fernando Frydman M.A., is the Vice Chairman of the Argentinean Fund Raising Association.

Doum & Nanum

Doum & Nanum is a fundraising and management consulting company based in Seoul, Korea., Laura Solla

Laura A. Solla is a consulting service specializing in prospect research and prospect management fundraising strategies for nonprofits, universities, foundations, and organizations nationally.

Robert W. Griesemer

Bob has worked in academia/nonprofits for more than 25 years mainly in CFO positions, responsible for the three associated areas of finance (including operating budgets and endowment management), facilities (including maintenance and capital projects) and human resources.

Sanky Communications Inc.

Sanky Communications Inc. provides a wide array of fundraising, marketing, and communications services to non-profit organizations across the United States.

SFR Consulting, Susan F. Rice

SFR Consulting focuses on development requirements of nonprofit organizations that provide essential educational and social services to the community. Susan F. Rice, ACFRE, founder and principal of SFR Consulting, has a consistent record of success in helping nonprofit organizations nationwide reach their development targets.