Brakeley Briscoe

The Brakeley Briscoe difference...

Prospect Research

Uncover Your Prospects

  • Who are your top prospects? Do you know how much to ask for?
  • Are you looking for new donation opportunities?
  • Do you want to increase the size of your major gifts?
  • Do you have a campaign study coming up but aren't sure whom to interview?

Wealth Screening

What treasures are hidden in your database? Wealth screening is a tool to find those individuals in your database who are capable of making major gifts to your organization. It can help you uncover untapped opportunities.

  • 50 or fewer records: $750
  • 51-100 records: $1,000
  • 101-250 records: $1,400
  • 251-500 records: $2,050
  • 501-1,000 records: $3,100
  • 1,001-1,500 records: $3,550

Screening your database will provide raw data to uncover your best prospects and their true giving capacity. We use a powerful, in-depth database search provided by WealthEngine. Wealth screening is charged per batch and price will vary depending on how many records you want to screen.

A Brakeley Briscoe screening with WealthEngine technology brings you a quick and economical overview of your best prospects. You will receive a report that will identify those prospects and a recommendation of the steps to take to assure success in cultivating and soliciting them.

Prospect Identification

Do you need to find new donors for your organization? We provide you with a list of potential donors who would be most interested in donating to your organization. A specialized screening of WealthEngine's database, which contains 14 million high net-worth individuals, will search for new prospects based on geography, wealth, affinity or propensity.

Foundation and Corporation Research

Foundation and corporation profiles provide a valuable source of information when your organization is looking for grants. We will research and provide you with a list of potential grants that your organization can apply for.

Individual Philanthropic/Wealth Assessment Profiles

Individual in-depth profiles provide a valuable source of information for your organization when soliciting potential donors for major gifts.

Can You Afford Research?

The answer is yes. All nonprofits have limited resources and you have to choose where to spend your time, money and human capital to yield the greatest return. Brakeley Briscoe has an affordable quality solution to help you achieve your fundraising goals.