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Other Services

International Fundraising

At Brakeley Briscoe our network of international professionals in fundraising contains a variety of talented individuals in countries across the world. With our own experience throughout the Americas; with partnerships in Canada, Mexico, and South America; and with our sister company, Brakeley Ltd. serving Europe and Asia, we can truly say that we have international reach. Our ability to help you raise funds from friends and supporters throughout the world makes us unique.

We can also help your nonprofit determine how to go about international wealth screening, job search, or any other services which you may require.

Women's Philanthropy

Brakeley Briscoe has a depth of experience in women's philanthropy. Fundraisers have long asserted that, unlike men, women shy away from competing with their peers to make the largest gift, and they usually do not want their names on buildings. Women are more likely to volunteer before giving and seek closer contact with the charities they support. With our experience in women's philanthropy Brakeley Briscoe can help you develop strategies for cultivating, stewarding, and asking your women donors.

Systems Selection, Audits, and Training

Fundraising runs on data. You need to know your donors, their families, potential donors, their donor history, pledges, moves management, and all aspects of fundraising. Most of this will be stored in a fundraising database. Gone are the days when paper files and a spreadsheet or a "build-it-yourself" system will provide you the kind of information you need to manage a sophisticated development program. If you don't have a system, Brakeley Briscoe can help you define your requirements and select the right system for your organization, not overspending for capacity you can't use while not settling for a minimal system when you need the functionality of a sophisticated system. If you do have a system, the odds are that you are not getting the most out of it. We can help evaluate how well you are using it, train your staff on better use of it, and help you clean up the data and document your processes. Then when your staff changes, new staff don't have to guess at how to use the existing system, and management and board can continue to get the kind of information they need to manage the development function.