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Annual, Planned and Major Giving

Annual Giving

Your annual fund is the foundation of all your fundraising. At Brakeley Briscoe we can help you evaluate your annual fund program, determining whether you are asking the right people, in the right way, at the right time. We can help you develop a reasonable schedule for connecting with your donors in a coordinated fashion using mail, telephone, and email in a coordinated fashion and linking them all with your website, annual report, and other media so that your donors are informed, asked, and thanked appropriately, but not overwhelmed with excessive communication. We can help you segment your donors and provide the appropriate mix of communication media to each segment.

Planned Giving

At Brakeley Briscoe we can help you evaluate your current planned giving program or create a planned giving program that fits your specific history and needs. We can review any existing planned giving and donor structures and refine or improve them. We can also work with your board of directors to approve policies. Furthermore we will help to set up the internal administration for the program as well as set up tracking procedures for legacies when you are informed of them in advance.

At Brakeley Briscoe we also think it is important to work with your organization to develop a donor stewardship program and appropriately market the planned giving program to your constituency. We are happy to then provide any ongoing counsel or specific expertise you may need as you implement your planned giving program, including helping you set up an advisory committee made up of financial and legal experts who can assist you when questions arise.

Major Giving

Few donors make their largest gift as their first gift. The essence of successful fundraising consists of upgrading donors from small gifts to larger gifts. We can help you develop procedures to cultivate prospects and steward donors so that they know that your organization appreciates their gifts. We can help you create donor levels, naming opportunities, and other incentives to encourage your donors to increase the size of their contributions.