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Capacity Building

Capacity building includes a variety of services to lift an organization from where it is to where it wants to be. Brakeley Briscoe can help with an array of services such as development planning and operations, including the creation of your organization as a legal nonprofit entity, development of overall fundraising objectives, and staff training and recruitment.

We also provide strategic counsel that includes regular strategy and progress review meetings, staff and volunteer coaching, and guidance in building a culture of philanthropy around your organization. Brakeley Briscoe can be your on-call resource for staff, board, and volunteers.

Development Assessments and Benchmarking

Brakeley Briscoe can review all parts of the development operation from staffing, to budget, to systems and determine where it's doing a superior job and where it could do better. From annual fund to major gifts, to planned giving; from corporate relations to foundation relations to individual giving; from donor acquisition to retention, from stewardship to upgrading, from gift acknowledgment to letter writing, Brakeley Briscoe has the experts to look at every aspect of your development function.

The result is a plan with timelines, staffing patterns, and budgets to help you improve your development program.

We can work with your existing staff to come up with this plan; or, if your top development position is vacant, we can develop a plan so that when the new person comes on board he or she can hit the ground running with a well designed plan.

Brakeley Briscoe can also assist your organization in evaluating their competitive standing relative to other organization in their field. Benchmarking can allow an organization to view itself through an objective lens. Brakeley Briscoe will aid your organization in choosing the right peer organizations to benchmark against and in collecting and analyzing the data so that it is most useful in determining best practices and where there may be room for improvement.

Board and Staff Development

Board development: We can help you define the kinds of board members you want and help you recruit them, develop board committees and board processes suitable to your organization as it grows, and increase the efficiency of your board meetings. We can outline the board's role in fundraising and provide training in those aspects where board members feel the need for help. We are happy to provide board training or board retreat facilitation as well.

Executive coaching: Our experienced nonprofit managers can help your top management in defining their role in fundraising while still reserving time to do the essential other tasks of running your organization. It can help them through tricky issues which they face.

Strategic Planning

Nonprofits require a clear understanding of their mission and how they will get there. The "how they will get there" is the strategic plan. Because nonprofits are consensus driven organizations, it is essential that the strategic plan be understood and shared by the key stakeholders of the organization: board, top management, and key donors.

At Brakeley Briscoe we can work with your key stakeholders to help you develop a strategic plan which is shared by the people who will need to fund and carry it out. Starting with broad goals, we use an iterative process to help you distinguish between the desirable and the essential goals. One of our methods is benchmarking with peer institutions.

This strategic planning process helps your organization determine the resources–staff, facilities, expertise, and budget–which will be required to achieve your goals. Out of this process comes a strategic plan which includes lists of incremental objectives to be achieved in measurable timeframes. Because your key stakeholders have participated in the process, it assures buy-in when the time comes to do the hard work of implementing the plan.