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Suzanne Jillo, Esq., Consulting Manager and Legal Counsel

Suzanne has experience in the legal field, scientific research, social services, education and business administration/management. Suzanne has served in the public, private for-profit sectors as well as private non-profit sectors. With expertise in a variety of areas, she serves Brakeley Briscoe in both client services and in the company's administration.

In addition to her work with Brakeley Briscoe, Suzanne is Co-Founder/Director of U.S. Operations for Kaskazi Environmental Alliance (KEA), a U.S. based non-profit corporation that is dedicated to providing comprehensive environmental education to East African communities. In addition to her role as Director, Suzanne serves on the Board as Treasurer and Secretary as well as grant writer.

Suzanne obtained her J.D. from Santa Clara University Law School (Santa Clara, California) with an emphasis in intellectual property law and international law. Suzanne is licensed to practice in California and is registered with the Patent and Trademark Office. Suzanne worked for approximately ten years in the area of Intellectual Property (in law firms and in-house) primarily in the life sciences. Suzanne has also volunteered significant time to legal aid in the area of public benefit law and housing.

Prior to obtaining a law degree, Suzanne obtained two B.S. degrees, one in Chemistry and a second in Biological Sciences (concentration: Medical Microbiology & Immunology) from California State University, San Jose (San Jose, California). During her undergraduate studies, Suzanne served as teacher's assistant for the two courses "Immunology" and "Introduction to Biotechnology". Suzanne also tutored students in the chemistry department.

After obtaining B.S. degrees, Suzanne worked for approximately seven years in scientific research. Areas of research include stem cell research, HIV research, breast cancer research, xenotransplantation, characterization of proteins, and development of medical devices. Suzanne's research was conducted in the private sector as well as in academia. After graduating, Suzanne served on the Advisory Board for the College of Science, CSU, San Jose, for approximately six years.

In addition to her legal and scientific studies, Suzanne obtained a certificate at Trend Colleges (Portland, Oregon) in Business Administration and Accounting. In the course of her career, Suzanne has gained significant experience in business/office management both in the for-profit and non-profit sectors.