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Heléne Karlsson, MBA, Wealth Screening Manager

Heléne Karlsson, who has been with Brakeley Briscoe for eight years, manages our research work. Her specialties include prospect research, management, and development; and wealth screening and analytics implementation.

She has served many of Brakeley Briscoe’s clients with various prospect and wealth screening services, including The Leakey Foundation (San Francisco, CA), Oakton Community College (Des Plaines, IL), The Religious Herald (Richmond, VA), and Textile Exchange (Formerly Organic Exchange) (O’Donnell, TX).

Heléne provides prospect identification, qualification, in-depth research, wealth and asset assessment and analysis, giving recommendations on successful cultivation and solicitation of individual, corporate, and foundation prospects.

She graduated in 2009 with an MBA degree from Notre Dame de Namur University and has a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

As an entrepreneur, Heléne and her husband operate a small start-up where she manages the finances and administration. Heléne was born and raised in Sweden. She lives in San Mateo, CA with her husband and son.