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Cristina Neira de Fonseca, Consulting Associate

Cristina has experience in social services and she has worked in the public sector, private companies and nongovernmental organizations in Colombia. She has experience as Consultant in private nonprofit companies and organizations in Colombia and different Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Cristina taught at the Andes University School of Architecture and teaches at present at Javeriana University School of Architecture in Bogota. She received her Architect Degree from Universidad Nacional and the Scientia Economica Magister Degree from the University of Wales.

She participated in the definition of health public policies for the Colombian Government that allowed negotiations for its financing with national and international multilateral organizations.

As Director of a Latin American Professional Rehabilitation network she conducted the first regional strategic plan that allowed a fund-raising process with Cooperative Agencies from the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and the United States.

She participated in the design and execution of the strategic planning process of Caja Colombiana de Subsidio Familiar COLSUBSIDIO, with a prospective of 10 years that allowed the rationalization of expenses and new investments for health, education and other social services for affiliate workers.

Cristina, taking advantage of her 20 years professional experience in Colombia, designed an Andean and Central American project that became the instrument for the successful fund-raising campaign that obtained $600.000. As a result Fundacion PEYDI in Bogota was created in 2001 and Cristina appointed as its first Executive Director.

Cristina has managed Colombian government resources, donations and economic resources from international cooperation agencies and multi lateral banks.

She has given advice to more than 40 organizations preparing them for strategic actions, like fundraising processes at national and international level. She has offered advise in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, México and Dominican Republic, working with Cooperation Agencies from the Netherlands, Norway, England and the United States.

Among her voluntary activities are: member of the board of directors of Fundacion SERVIVIENDA, Fundacion PEYDI and the Bioethical Committee of COLSUBSIDIO.